7 Ways to Write More Effective Email – Part 1 of 7

Think first - What sort of messages and/or people should you NOT email? 

Two key questions to ask yourself when writing a new email are “is email the most appropriate way to communicate for this"; 

  1. Message
  2. Person 

Here are just some of the type of MESSAGES that are not suitable for sending via email are;

  • Confidential or private messages
  • Offensive, abusive etc
  • When delivering bad news
  • Complex issues
  • Disciplinary messages or reprimands
  • Urgent messages 

Sometimes the message is suitable for communicating via email, but the person who is receiving it is not. Here are some types of PEOPLE with whom it can be difficult to communicate via email;

  • Those in roles who don’t access email often or at all
  • Those with reading limitations
  • Many older people who struggle with email technology
  • Certain personality styles who just aren’t email savvy 

See this fascinating chart for tips on how to fine-tune your message for different personality styles so you ‘break through’ and really connect with them – Understanding Email Communication Styles