7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty – Part 5

#5: Avoids procrastination and indecision

Today’s blog post is the fifth in a series of 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty. 

A cluttered in-box leads results from (and also leads to) a lack of decision-making and causes procrastination. When faced with an overwhelming number of decisions to make (eg: an overloaded inbox), we tend to procrastinate and make no decision at all.  

We need to learn to make a decision the first (and only time) we look at an e-mail. Once you realise that there ever only ever one of four possible decisions needed for each new message, it becomes much easier to make a decision and action the e-mail, moving it out of the in-box.  

Otherwise, the weight of ‘unfinished’ business hanging over your head creates a mental drain and you carry this sub-conscious, psychological baggage around, slowing you down in other areas of work, especially when you need to think deeply or be creative.  

Your time is too valuable to waste on procrastination! 

All the best!

Steuart Snooks