7 Reasons to NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning

This is a controversial subject and certainly goes against the currently accepted culture of checking email 'first thing' that prevails in most organisations! But getting control of the way you start your day is critical if you want to be truly productive. 

Like many busy professionals, you’re already highly effective and successful. But if you are checking email ’first thing’, you could be compromising your productivity - this series of blog posts will help make you aware of the consequences and suggest some appropriate actions you can take to be even more effective.

It will also highlight 4 or 5 exceptions and variations when it is quite okay to check email ‘first thing’. But remember, these should be the exception rather than the rule!

If nothing else, this thought-provoking series will get you thinking 'outside the square' (and the inbox)!

Stay tuned for Part 1 next week and/or get the complete article immediately by clicking here - 7 Reasons You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning

All the best for now!

Steuart Snooks