7 Reasons to NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning - Exceptions, Variations and Actions Steps


Exceptions and Variations

Of course there are some occasions when checking email first thing might be appropriate. Here are a few suggestions;

  1. If you work across time zones and need to review overnight email before you can start your work
  2. You’re in a customer-focused role requiring fast response
  3. You’re in a support or admin role requiring fast response to colleagues
  4. You can check email on smartphone while travelling on public transport to work
  5. When you’ll be away from computer for the day, a quick check in morning can give ‘peace of mind’

You can probably think of a few others to add to these.

Action steps

If you’re now convinced that NOT checking email first thing is a good idea, here are a few actions to help you escape the ‘addiction’ of checking email ‘first thing’;

  1. Change the default view in your email software so that opens to the calendar rather than inbox view when you fire up the computer each morning
  2. Schedule when you will check e-mail – this helps resist to temptation to check it first thing as you already know when you will get to it
  3. Manage expectations to take away the unspoken pressure (from ourselves as well as others) to be available first thing
  4. Identify and schedule 1, 2 or 3 high priority tasks to be done before you allow yourself to check email

So that's it - the 7 Reasons to Not Check Email First Thing in the Morning and some exceptions and variations to that rule. Get the complete article by clicking here - 7 Reasons You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning

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 Steuart Snooks