7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty

These days, with ever increasing email volumes, most of us are leaving more and more emails in the inbox. 

Surveys of 2302 people from Australian organisations over a past 8 years show that the average number of emails in the inbox is 1379. That’s right, each person has 1379 in the inbox! That’s a total of 3,174,903 emails in those 2302 inboxes! Staggering eh?

It seems that we either don’t have the time to address them all, or know quite how to make a decision on the action required or don’t know where to move them to . . .   so we leave them in the inbox.

But there are many good reasons why it would be better to keep the inbox empty and this blog series aims to explain at least 7 of those reasons. 

Why not take a look at these ideas and put at least one of them into action so that you feel (and are actually) in more control of your inbox. Part 1 of this series starts next week.

These blogs are an ideal way to prepare for the 8th International 'Clean Out Your Inbox Week' in January (19th-23rd).

Love to hear your thoughts after considering these ideas.

All the best!

Steuart G. Snooks