8th International ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’ (January 18-24)

Next week is the 8th International ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’ (January 18-24).

I’ll be teaming up with my counterparts Marsha Egan (America) and Monica Seeley (Europe) in a focused attempt to get businesses and organizations working together to not only clean out their inboxes, but also to implement collective email best practices that have a direct effect on the bottom line for any enterprise.

The themes for each day of the Clean Out Your Inbox Week are;

  • Day 1: Monday - WHY should we clean out the inbox
  • Day 2: Tuesday - WHEN this email be checked
  • Day 3: Wednesday - WHAT is the process for cleaning out the inbox
  • Day 4: Thursday - WHERE to file emails way from the inbox
  • Day 5: Friday - HOW (pulling it all together to clean out your inbox today!)

The week concludes with the Clean Out Your Inbox webinar that pulls all the week's strategies together in a fast-paced, information-rich, 60 minute on-line webinar. Tune in from anywhere round the world and gain the same benefits as Mike Allen from the Centre for Organisation Development, who said:

"Thank you. What a great webinar! I have restructured my mail box as per your process and it was all quite painless, God knows why it took my so long to get off my bottom. Talk about diamonds in your own back yard, phowgh!"

Stay tuned to this blog, the Clean Out Your inbox webpage and the COYIW facebook page for daily tips next week.

Of course, if you would like to discuss getting me to run a conference presentation, traning workshop or some email coaching for your organisation, now is an ideal time (while it's relatively quiet). Just call me when you're ready!

All the best for 2015.

Steuart G. Snooks