Are We Headed For the Death of Email, or is That Just Wishful Thinking?

In an era when inboxes dominate our workplace and smartphones completely blur the distinction between work and home life, it’s hard to imagine a life without email.

But many seem to think that email is about to die, given the proliferation of alternate communication channels such as instant messaging, internal bulletin boards, social media, wikis and the like.

Although there is increased use of these other forms of communication, email use looks set to continue to grow at a healthy rate into the foreseeable future. Along with continued strong use in the business world, email is also seeing growing use amongst consumers.

The volume of consumer email continues to grow mainly due to its use for notifications rather than simply as an interpersonal communication tool. These days, all apps and social networks require users to have an email address to access their services.

"As well as that, the increasing number of online transactions (i.e. shopping, banking, etc.) also require a valid email address".

So, it doesn't look like we'll be rid of email any time soon! That's why it more important than ever to do whatever is needed to master this ubiquitous tool of modern worklife and make it work for you rather than against you.

If you haven't done anything about this is recent times, why not consider some email coaching or training for yourself (and/or your colleagues) in the near future? This is the work I specialise in (despite many well-intentioned colleagues suggesting I diversify into other topics), so why not take the opportunity to benefit from all the research and experience I have gained in this field?

Why not contact me for a 15 minute strategy call so we can;

  • understand your biggest challenge with using email right now
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