6th of 7 Reasons Why Email on a Smartphone Might Not Be So Smart After All

Reason #6: It sends the wrong message

Smartphones allows us to now send email from anywhere at any time. But sometimes it can send the wrong signals.

Just because it suits you to write and send a message at 10pm at night or on the weekend, are you expecting your colleagues or staff to attend to it at the time it arrives?

A growing complaint is coming from subordinates who receive email at all sorts of odd hours and they simply don’t know whether they are expected to respond or take action immediately, if the issue can wait till normal working hours or even longer.

Most subordinates assume the worst and action the email sooner rather than later as it might be a bad career move to keep the boss waiting. But is that what was really intended?

Smartphones makes emailing so easy and convenient at the sender’s end but can cause confusion and undesirable results at the receiver’s end.

As George Bernard Shaw once said “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

All the best!