Why reading an email can often take much longer than writing one!

One of the biggest frustrations with email is the simple volume that has to be sifted, sorted and prioritised every day. Recent research shows that two of greatest concerns are

  • too many back n’ forth emails and
  • poorly written or unclear emails

A major reason these occur is because one poorly written email (that might take only a couple of minutes to write), can result in lots of questions and clarifying responses, that in the end, take far longer to read than the original one took to write!

In the end, you (and your recipients) spend a lot more time than is truly needed on this message.

Clarity is King!

When it comes to email, we all want to be quick and concise when we send messages. But none of this works if the message does not have clarity! It’s often well worth taking some extra time and effort to construct messages that will get attention, engage interest and have a clear call to action.

As a receiver, there’s nothing better than a crisp, concise, easy-to-read email that has a clearly defined response or action for us to take. We tend to deal with these straight away . . .  and enjoy it! As a sender of such messages, we’ll tend to get quicker and better quality responses. Everybody wins!

Writing effective emails like this is not our natural way of writing and communicating. But it’s not difficult once you’ve learnt how and that’s where our new workshop called The Science of Writing Effective Email can help.

If you’d like to know more about seriously reducing the amount of time, effort and unnecessary back ‘n forth emails you handle each week, you can find out more about this workshop at www.emailtiger.com.au/science-of-writing-email


All the best!