How to speed up your email reading and replies

With the amount of email you read each day, anything that can speed up your reading and replying becomes increasingly important. The faster you can process each message, the less time it takes to manage the overall volume in your inbox.

But, of course, speed goes both ways. If you enjoy being able to quickly understand and action messages which are short, crisp and easy to read, then others will enjoy the same from you. And one of the best ways to get others writing effective emails to you is to set a good example yourself, especially as a leader.

Knowing how to write crisp, concise, easy-to-read email with a clear call to action will have an enormous impact on how fast your recipients are able to read, understand and respond to your messages. Which means you’ll get quicker and clearer responses yourself.

Clarity is King!

The way to achieve this is to recognise that clarity is king! While we always seem to be in a hurry when writing or responding to email, it’s often well worth taking some extra time and effort to construct messages that will get attention, engage interest and have a clearly defined response or action to be taken.

As a receiver, there’s nothing better than a crisp, concise, easy-to-read email that we can deal with quickly. And as a sender, you’ll tend to get quicker and better quality responses when you write such emails yourself - everybody wins!

This may mean setting aside specific time in the day to fully focus on this, without interruption or distraction. It may also mean using the delay delivery function to control exactly when your carefully written message arrives at the receiver’s end. Research now shows the best times of the day and the week to maximise the timeliness and quality of the responses you’ll receive.

All this and much more is discussed in our new workshop called The Science of Writing Effective Email. This half day workshops shows how to construct email communications that get attention, engage interest and compel timely responses and actions.

If you’d like to know more about how to speed up your email reading, replies and results, you can find out more about this workshop at


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