Which of these 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty relates to you?

Have you given up on ever getting your inbox to empty? 

Well, difficult as it is these days, there are at least 7 good reasons to keep your inbox empty - which one of the following reasons makes most sense to you?

 1: An overloaded inbox causes stress

 2: Avoids multiple handling of e-mails

 3: Things are not lost or forgotten

 4: The inbox is NOT your to-do list

 5: Avoids procrastination and indecision

 6: Avoids being interrupted by new messages

 7: There are more appropriate places to store email messages

The posts to come in the next few weeks will provide a bit more detail on each of these 7 reasons. You can also download a free copy of the 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty White Paper with all the details in one document.

Please feel free to reply with any comments or questions - love to hear from you!

All the best!