#7 of 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty

This is the seventh and final in the series of 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty

#7: There are more appropriate places to store email


One of the biggest reasons you tend to leave message in the in-box is because you’re not sure where else you can store them. You don’t want to forget them (or lose them) so you leave them in the in-box, just to be safe, but this also creates lots of clutter and distraction.
However, once you get your e-mail folders organised it becomes much easier to move each e-mail out of the inbox.

  • If an e-mail is no longer needed, it should be deleted.
  • If you do need it again at some time in the future, it can be moved to an appropriate email folder (eg: Subject A, B, C; or Client 1, 2, 3; or Project X, Y, Z)
  • If you don’t have a folder for a specific e-mail, or you’re not sure which folder it should go to, or there’s not enough of this type of message to justify its own folder, you can move it to a ‘catch-all’ folder (eg: called ‘Reference’ or ‘Filing Cabinet’ or ‘Miscellaneous’).
  • If you have to hold the message while waiting for someone or something else to happen, it can be moved to a Waitlist or Pending Reply folder. Add a reminder to these messages so you stay in control, just in case the ‘someone’ or ‘something’ else doesn’t actually happen.
  • If the e-mail requires you to perform a task, it should be converted to a calendar appointment, scheduling a block of time at an appropriate date and time in the future to fit in with all your other commitments and workload.

Woo hoo – an empty inbox!

Once you made one of the above decisions about where to relocate each e-mail, the in-box is empty again. Every e-mail is now stored in an appropriate location, rather than left to accumulate in the in-box.

Get your email folders organised

Another reason emails are often left in the inbox is because your email folders have become too many or too complex. Why not check out these ideas to get your e-mail folders organised so you can keep your inbox empty and get e-mail under control?

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