Here's why senior executives struggle with information overload more than ever before

What I've learnt from working with senior executives over the past decade is that they are often struggling to keep up with information and email overload more than any other level of staff in the organisation.

Amongst many drivers of this phenomenon is the advent of email. Prior to email, executives only had as much information as needed to make decisions and move the organisation forward. 

But these days, email makes executives more accessible to more people (internally and externally) than ever before. They receive a plethora of information and requests via email that they would never have received by phone or someone walking through their office door. 

As a result, executives are drowning in an avalanche of information and the time spent sifting and sorting this takes time, energy and focus away from higher level thinking and tasks, to the detriment of the organisation. Or worse, they find themselves playing catch after hours and on weekends, stealing time away from personal pursuits and family time.

This simple graphic shows the stark difference.