Breaking Email - the webinar

Would you like a personal assistant to help better manage email and reduce your workload?

One that organises your inbox to help you see what you need to do when you need to do it (without all the clutter)?

If that sounds good to you, listen in to this webinar in which I interview Michael Hoffman, CEO of Atrendia (based in Denmark), as we discuss how LeanMail helps filter incoming messages, quickly prioritise new email and organises your inbox to help you keep track of all your open tasks and pending requests.

This was the first time Michael Hoffman and I have done a webinar together and we quickly realised that there is so much more to discuss and share with you. So, we are planning to run informative webinars like this on a regular basis over coming months. I’ll keep you posted as we firm up details.

Thanks for your interest.

Steuart Snooks