Day 1 of Clean Out Your Inbox Week

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12th International Clean Out Your Inbox Week initiative

Today’s theme is WHY?

Why should we clean out the inbox?

Don’t miss the ‘How to Get Your Inbox Empty (and keep it that way in 2019) coming up this Thursday 24 January - more details

Here are some resources to help you decide if it really is a good idea to have an empty inbox.


Mastery Guide - 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty

Expert interviews

These were recorded a few years ago but the principles remain the same

Here are the themes for this ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’

Day 1: Monday -WHY should we clean out the inbox


Day 2: Tuesday - WHEN we should (and should NOT) look at the inbox

Day 3: Wednesday - WHAT to do with email when checking the inbox

Day 4: Thursday - WHERE to quickly file and retrieve email away from the inbox

Day 5: Friday - HOW to pull it all together

Steuart Snooks