Here's why organisations struggle to get control of e-mail.

In this short video (2:20 mins), I explain the core reason why organisations struggle to get control of their e-mail. 

What's missing is a standardised process for handling e-mail. Organisations have a system for a whole range of business processes but not for e-mail. But e-mail is simply a business process, akin to answering the phone, writing up a purchase order, taking receipt of a delivery etc.

My research and experience for the past 11 years has been in helping individuals and teams learn the best practice processes for managing e-mail effectively and productivity. And the benefits of getting control of e-mail are profound, in both intangible (reduced multi-tasking, frustration, stress etc) and tangible (save $14-27k per person and 35-49 days per year).

E-mail is THE leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organisations today. Investment in training staff in a uniform process for managing e-mail is 'low hanging fruit' in terms of improving productivity, morale, revenue and competitive advantage for those organisations realise this.

Steuart Snooks