How long do you take to respond to your email?

The clearest warning sign of an ineffective manager is being slow to answer emails, according to Organisational Psychologist Adam Grant.

Professor Grant points out that if you just let emails accumulate, you’re simply not doing your job well. Many senior executives fall into a pattern of email overload and neglect, and invariably start missing some crucial messages as well.

That’s why my focus this year is on working with EA/PAs to upskill them in they way they manage their executive’s email. With training, a good assistant should be able to manage the majority of their exec’s email, filtering the volumes so that they only need to address the small percentage that require their input.

Feedback received from 3 presentations at EA/PA conferences in recent weeks indicates this is a critical skill needed by both assistants and their executives to get control of this aspect of daily workload. Click here to read more.

Steuart Snooks