July 2019 - Ask Me Anything Q & A Webinar by Steuart Snooks, Email Productivity Expert

Here are some of the questions answered in this month’s Ask Me Anything webinar;

  • How to change length of time before a new email message is saved to drafts?

  • How do you keep track/simple record of all the things you have done?

  • How do I send emails I have written outside of working hours on the next working day?

  • What’s the simplest and most effective way of having a completely independent copy of all emails?

  • How to change the working days in Calendar as I work part time?

  • How can I work in the mailbox without being distracted by new emails?

Be sure to join us on next month’s Q & A Webinar - Friday 16th August 11.30 - 12.15 (AEST) - click HERE to register (if you have registered for any earlier webinars, you’re already registered for future ones).

Steuart Snooks