The increasing need for email skills training

The Kingston Business School has recently completed a 102 page report on Strategies for Effectively Managing Email at Work.

One of it's key findings was for organisations to provide email training.

Example: Holly has worked in an office for 5 years since. At no point has she ever received email training. She knows she probably isn’t managing her email very well, but as everyone seems to use email in a different way, it is hard to know who to ask for advice on how to improve.

Studies have shown that strategies can change as a result of sustained training. Training that involves optimizing the functionality of email systems, and/or learning better email management strategies are especially successful. When workers complete a training program with a plan that enables them to actively put their new strategies into practice, it helps them to feel more competent and in control of their email. When email self-efficacy improves, the greatest benefits are observed.

Learning point: We recommend that organizations offer explicit and sustained email training to workers that focus not only on how to improve email strategies, but also on how to enhance email self-efficacy.

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Steuart Snooks