What's the High Performance Workplace program all about?

In this video I am interviewed by John Nayler on his eCentral Business Show where he asks me about my approach to helping CEOs, Business Owners and Senior Executives create a high-performance workplace for their organisations.

The video runs for just on 10 minutes as I unpack the 5 modules of the HPW program and how the sequence has proven vital to helping people implement practical strategies that achieve significant and sustainable productivity improvements.

There are a number of flexible ways to experience this program;

1 x full day workshop
2 x half day workshops
5 x 60-90 min workshops
5 x 60-minute webinars
5x 90-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

If you'd like to discuss getting your people to experience the benefits of this High-Performance Workplace program, why not give me a call - Steuart Snooks on 0413 830 772.



Steuart Snooks