Which generation spends most time on email?

You might expect younger employees to be the most indifferent to email of all generations. Surprisingly, however, a survey found that people age 25 to 34 spent the most time checking their email of any age group.

In addition to checking to both personal and work email more often, the 18-to 24-year-old generation has somewhat of an obsession with their work email. For example, 81% check it on vacation (more than any other age group), 81% check it before they get to the office (also more than any other age group), and 68% strive to get their email inbox to “Inbox Zero” compared to 55% of survey respondents overall.

And while 55% of people think it’s possible to achieve an empty inbox, it’s staff aged 18 to 34 who are the most likely to actually accomplish this goal, suggesting that the more responsibilities you have at work, the less likely you are to ever achieve Inbox Zero!

Source: Small Business Trends

Steuart Snooks