E-mail Productivity

As an workplace and e-mail productivity expert, I help busy professionals to get control of their e-mail so they have more time to focus on their real work . . . without feeling they’ve missed something. 

You know when you . . .

  • have a constant stream of new e-mail, inputs and interruptions . . .
  • you’re getting too much e-mail . . .
  • have an overloaded inbox . . .
  • handling e-mail takes too much time out of your day . . .
  • you’re struggling to keep up with all the demands . . .
  • you worry about what you might be missing . . .
  • you’re not sure where to file or store e-mail . . .
  • you feel you’re always being reactive rather than proactive?

Well, I'll help you fix that . . .  permanently!

What you’ll learn will halve the time, double your results and triple your productivity when using e-mail . . . seriously!

Here's how I can help you to Get Control of Your E-mail

E-mail Coaching for you

As a busy professional, you may struggle to find time for training and/or prefer the flexibility and a tailored learning experience that 1:1 coaching offers.

Training workshops for your team

Despite the fact that e-mail is one of the most broadly and frequently used applications, most people never received any formal training in its use! Until now!

Speaker for your conference

Are you seeking a presentation for your next conference that is practical, relevant, memorable and will have a genuine impact on the day-to-day operations of your organisation?

The WWW of Mastering Your E-mail

Our experience shows that there are 3 key strategies needed to get control of e-mail and use it in a highly productive and effective way. This White Paper explains each of these strategies.

Download a copy now and start your journey to mastering your e-mail.

WWW White Paper 3D v1 spiralbinderclosed_550x681.jpg

Interviews with Australia's leading Email Productivity Expert Steuart Snooks on the 3 key strategies needed to master your e-mail

Which level of the e-Mastery model are you located at right now?

Watch this short video to learn more about the e-Mastery Model and identify which level you are at right now.

You asked me to report back and I am pleased to let you know I have cleared my back log of emails (400+)! Thank you so much for your guidance, strategies and, in particular, the one-on-one training – I feel like a ton of bricks has just been lifted from my shoulders “
— Kathryn Baldock | Executive Assistant Development & Community Services | Indigo Shire Council
Taming the email tiger was definitely the best/most valuable training I have done for many years, I didn’t realise how inefficient my work with email had become, over time I guess you get into bad habits that you don’t even identify as habits? I am a very happy camper and have no complaints.
— Anne Cartwright | District Support Co-ordinator | CFA North East Region