E-mail Productivity Training Workshops for your team by an email productivity expert.


e-Mastery Programs

Taming the E-mail Tiger

Half day workshop

Discover the 3 key strategies needed to get

control of your inbox and master incoming e-mail and its demands. Learn how to quickly get a grip on e-mail overload, gain more control, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and radically improve workplace productivity and communication effectiveness.

7+ Ways to Write More             Effective E-mail

90 minute workshop

Over 80% of business communication is now handled via e-mail, replacing many phone and face-to-face conversations. This program shows you the 7 ways to construct e-mail so that you're much more likely to get what you want from every e-mail you send.

The Science of Writing       Customer-focused E-mail

90 minute workshop

Like to be able to identify ‘hidden’ aspects of e-mail communication and how you can build relationship, rapport, trust and agreement when using e-mail? This program shows you how to have influence and improve your sales, negotiating, customer service, leadership & influencing results.


e-Mastery - 6 step Productivity Intensive (Boot Camp)

This program covers all the content of our 3 e-mail programs shown above, delivered in easily digestible, bite-size chunks over a sustained period with coaching support. This ensures you fully implement and embed the researched and proven best practices for mastering your e-mail.


e-Mastery Webinar Series

This program covers all the content of our 3 e-mail programs above in bite-size chunks. This on-line content is supported with coaching interventions to ensure you fully implement and embed proven best practices for mastering your e-mail.

The webinars can be watched whenever and wherever it best suits you. They can also be customised with your company logo to provide an internal resource on an on-going basis for your people.


Here's why your team need e-mail productivity training

This short video explains the underlying reason you and your team are struggling to get control of your e-mail and why they need training to show them a best practice approach to managing this vitally important aspect of their everyday workload.  

Free Resources

How to Get Your Inbox Empty ‘Cheat Sheet’

Click on the link below to get a free one-page ‘cheat sheet’ explaining the 3 Steps to Get Your Inbox Empty . . .  right now! 

Click to see the comprehensive range of resources that support the e-Mastery training programs

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You’ll be pleased to know I’ve successfully implemented your key recommendations and have actively used them for over a month now after being at one of your presentations.

My inbox – which had built up with such things like confirmations of seminars, webinars, concert and movie tickets and rafts of mostly pointless communications since 2008 and numbered in the multi-thousands but thankfully had all been at least read - now is consistently zero each day and being managed strategically.

I have a functional folder structure which works well and I have added common actions as Quick Steps to automatically move my replied emails to appropriate action or archive folders. Thanks for your productive advice; it’s such a satisfying feeling staring at an empty Inbox.
— Rob Chiarolli | Grapes to Grange | Business & Executive Coaching