3 Steps to Empty Your Inbox ‘Cheat Sheet’

Thanks for your interest in the Get Your Inbox Empty ‘Cheat Sheet’. 

The 3 step process to empty your inbox has been successfully used by hundreds of participants in my various training workshops, seminar presentations, coaching sessions and webinars to get their in-box empty right now and then use the proven 4D Methodology to keep it that way into the future.

Click here or on image at right to download the Cheat Sheet.

It’s not always so easy to remember and put these ideas into action by yourself. That’s why you can also receive a series of 3 or 21 email tips, or join us for a webinar over coming weeks to remind you of, and help you implement, these steps.See your options below.

3 free tips to get your inbox empty

This series of tips is designed to walk you through the 3 steps to get your inbox empty (as summarised on the ‘Cheat Sheet’ above).

21 tips to help get your inbox empty

This series of tips will show you how to get and then keep your inbox empty. You’ll learn the powerful and proven 4D process to manage your inbox and how to convert email tasks into your calendar so they are integrated with the rest of your workload in one single location. Tips are sent one per day with simple 2 minute actions.

Cost is $21 ($1 per tip). Click below to sign up.

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How to Get Your Inbox Empty webinar

Join me online for a practical, hands-on, 45-minute webinar where you'll;

  • get your Inbox empty (during the webinar)

  • learn how to keep it that way into the future

  • get ideas to simplify your email folders

Cost is just $47. Click below for upcoming dates