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e-Mastery - 'get control of your email' 

with help from Australia's leading Email Productivity Expert

I help busy professionals and executives improve their workplace performance, productivity and outcomes . . . beginning with email.


email productivity / e-Mastery

    Australia's leading Email Productivity Expert helps busy professionals and executives get control of their email so they have more time, energy and focus for their ‘real’ work.

              You know when you’re bombarded with email demands,your inbox is overloaded or you’re not sure where to file your email?  

We help you fix that … in less than a day!

      We’ll show you an end-to-end transformative solution that once and for all solves the challenges of managing email.

What you’ll learn will change the way you work … forever!


High Performance Workplace

           Workplace productivity training and coaching for executives, senior managers and their teams from one of Australia's foremost Productivity Experts.

              One of the fastest, most effective ways to achieve your goals                                 is to get training, coaching & cutting edge tools to help you fulfil your innate potential.

We help those who already have great skills, experience and understanding take their workplace performance to another level. Learn how to get control of the day-by-day chaos and focus your energies on what matters most.

Are you open to a conversation about ways to take your workplace performance to the next level with an expert in the field?

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My calendar is now my priority - I have control of my work - I have started to leave on time - I have left my work at work giving me work life balance. Thank you
— Kat Campbell | Cardinia Shire Council
Steuart’s presentation was incredibly interesting, educational and helpful. Content was really well targeted and great resources ready to be handed to participants. He not only knew the subject material extremely well, he was engaging and presented at just the right pace
— Manager | Yarra Ranges Shire Council
Yesterday I did some GP practice visits and before I could even ask I received unsolicited feedback that your workshop was the best thing they have ever done.
— Deb Le Cerf | Medicare Local