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7 Reasons To Keep The Inbox Empty
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The 7 Critical Impacts of Information & E-mail Overload

One of the biggest issues facing organisations and their staff in the modern age are the increasing complaints about ‘loss of productivity’, ‘being overwhelmed’, feeling ‘stressed’ and even staff ‘burnout’ as a result of information and e-mail ‘overload’. 

Information Overload is defined as the mental state of continuous stress and distraction caused by incessant interruptions and the sheer volume of e-mail and other messages. 

This special report provides compelling information and statistics to show that taking action should be a high priority. 


The 7 Critical Impacts of Information & E-mail Overload - Audio Interview with Steuart Snooks

Listen to New Zealand's Time Management 'Queen' Robyn Pearce interview Australia's leading E-mail Productivity Expert Steuart Snooks on his research into the impacts of e-mail & information overload.