E-mail Productivity Coaching for you  - by an email productivity expert

One to one E-mail Productivity Coaching Program

Our 1:1 E-mail Productivity Coaching is designed for busy professionals who want flexibility and a tailored learning experience. If you’re struggling to find time to invest in your professional development or simply prefer a more personal learning experience, a 1:1 coaching intervention offers advantages such as;

  • a tailored approach to address what you need to know right now
  • coaching scheduled at a time and space that’s convenient for you
  • learn e-mail techniques that really work
  • implement immediate changes, hands-on at your computer

We understand that improving your e-mail productivity is a ‘process’ rather than a ‘one-off’ event. The E-mail Productivity Coaching Program provides a tailored solution over a 3 to 6 step process to ensure you are provided with the necessary on-going support to make real, positive, sustainable behavioural changes that will revolutionise the way you manage e-mail.

We aim to help you to get control of your in-box, reduce frustration and improve your e-mail and communication effectiveness.

You’ll be amazed how much time you will save!  


Who benefits from 1:1 Coaching?


Senior executives who have the most to gain by increasing their productivity by learning how to better co-ordinate e-mail and calendar management (often along with their PA/EA)

Knowledge Worker

Knowledge workers who spend a majority of their day in meetings, working on a computer and/or a smartphone. 


Consultants who are an expert in their field but not an expert with e-mail

Project Manager

Project Managers who are responsible for multiple people, tasks and activities


HR Manager

HR Managers who are responsible for maintaining their people’s productivity and effectiveness

Leader / Manager

Leaders and Managers who recognise they must set a good example to their teams and clients in the way that e-mail is used

Customer Service Leader

Customer Service staff whose service is often a barometer of their organisation, often working in a shared mailbox

IT Leader

IT leaders who realise that technology is only as powerful as the way people make use of it


What you’ll gain from 1:1 Coaching

This coaching program will empower you to;

  • reduce your e-mail management time by at least 50%
  • use the Calendar as the basis for your to-do list, not your inbox
  • save around 17-35 days (and $14,000 – $27,000) per person per year
  • use a one touch e-mail process to quickly process and keep an empty inbox
  • meet your deadlines and even be ‘ahead of the game’ much of the time
  • transform a tool that was once a hated object into your best work mate
  • better manage your time and stay focused on higher priority tasks
  • file e-mails in a single folder, categorized and easy to find - no need to search folder after folder to locate an e-mail
  • significantly reduce frustration and stress
The sessions have made such a big difference to relieving the pressure I feel daily. Gaining control of e-mails has given me back a degree of control of my days, and made me far more productive. Thank you
— Marianna Barker - VISIT Merchandise Pty Ltd
I recommend this course be offered as an ongoing opportunity for more staff. When I think about the volume and diversity of e-mail content, sources, expectations in terms of action, information, etc; this subject should be available to everyone! We don’t get told how to use e-mail well, and this subject has opened up a lot of areas of knowledge that I knew nothing about. Conversations with others in our organisation strongly suggests it’s the same for most people
— Yarra Ranges Shire Council
I am so pleased that I made the decision to take part in one-on-one coaching with Steuart Snooks. He helped me eliminate my backlog of over 5000 emails and taught me how to organise and schedule my time so that the important things got done. All of this was done with infinite good humour, patience and skill which helped to rebuild my confidence and enthusiasm. I have no hesitation in recommending Steuart as a mentor and guide if you are looking for help in improving your productivity and regaining control of your business.
— Dr Judith Reddrop | Director | Women’s Wellbeing

Recent Coaching Clients

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How will we connect for our coaching session(s)?

Our coaching sessions occur in a ‘live’ setting using desktop sharing software via internet or phone – an extremely simple but extraordinarily powerful way to connect on-line. Click here for more details and FAQs (link to FAQ page)

If you are based in Melbourne, face-to-face coaching sessions can also be arranged.

There’s rarely an ‘ideal’ time to invest in skills coaching for yourself – if you want to see improved results, you simply have to ‘make it happen’. In fact, best results often come at your busiest times because that’s when the benefits of your new skills show up most clearly!

Why not get started right now!

Let’s get together for a complimentary 15-20 minute chat to;

  • discuss your biggest challenge(s) with using e-mail right now

  • give you some quick advice on solutions to that challenge

  • discuss options to continue working together if we are a good fit

I have a limited number of timeslots over the next few weeks. Choose one that suits you by simply clicking the link below to see what’s still available – it’s easy!

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Alternatively, give me a call direct on 0413 830 772